Chrissy Teigen’s recipes are delish but mostly not very plant based. I veganize them all the time though with great results (especially from her first cookbook). I make her carrot soup a lot. (I’ll post my modified version at some point for my own reference. Right now, every time I make it, I track it down in her Instagram story highlights and then try to remember how I last changed it.)

She recently posted a recipe for spicy miso pasta, which sounds great, but it calls for bacon and eggs and cheese. Could I come up with a plant-based version that still tasted good?

Yes! Well, I’ll be honest. Probably it wasn’t quite as flavorful as her original, but it was tasty!

Here’s what I did but check out her original for the foundation and for her original measurements (I changed them a bit because I wanted to cook the entire box of pasta):

  • 2 T olive oil
  • 2 Beyond Sausage links instead of the bacon (any vegan sausage would work and you could probably use mushrooms instead for a healthier, although different result)
  • 4 T sambal oelek
  • 3 T miso
  • 3 T hot water
  • 3 T aquafaba
  • 1 lb spaghetti
  • 4 T nutritional yeast
  • lots of black pepper and a bit of salt
  • lots of sliced green onions

I started cooking the pasta.

Then, I cooked the sausage in the olive oil. Probably I could have omitted the oil entirely but since I was already omitting the bacon, I figured it would be good to leave a bit of fat in there.

I mixed together the sambal oelek, miso, water, and aquafaba and then poured it into the pan with the sausage/olive oil. I added a ladle of pasta water and the nutritional yeast and stirred it all together and let it simmer for a couple of minutes.

Then I added the cooked pasta and tossed it with the sauce. I topped it with the green onions (that I regrew from nothing!) and salt and pepper.

Highly recommended.


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