When we’re home, we try to eat whole food, plant-based as much as possible: no animal products and very little processed food (which means avoiding white flours, added sugar, and oil). When we’re traveling, we have to be a little more flexible. We aren’t flexible about animal products, and we’ll go for the healthier options when they’re available (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables), but if our only options have some added oil and sugar, we’re not going to stress about it. For us, we’d rather let go of the added stress of food complications, both for us and for the restaurants, particularly since it’s very occasional.

A couple of weeks ago, we were at a hotel (which was not close to a town or restaurant options) and the restaurant had no vegan options for breakfast or dinner. But we told the servers in each case we were vegan (for us, using “vegan” makes communicating “no animal products” easier) and they were able to put together great options for us. For breakfast, we had potatoes (cooked in oil), whole grain toast (no butter), oatmeal (skip the brown sugar and milk, but with added fruit).

For dinner, they created a green salad for us with tons of vegetables (the restaurant had two salads on the menu, but neither was vegan) and we had that with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They also made up a great pasta with vegetables (a pasta in a cream sauce was on the menu, so we asked if they could toss it with olive oil instead; you could also ask for pasta with white wine.) The server told us the pasta chef was excited to be able to use her creativity to come up with something for us.

During another hotel stay, we created a room service breakfast tacos by asking for corn tortillas, breakfast potatoes, salsa, sliced avocado, sauteed vegetables, and black beans. (We read through the menu to see what they had in the kitchen.)

When we take road trips, we try to pack some back up food. Below are a bunch of ideas for snacks and meals and for items you can pick up at a grocery store along the way. Sometimes, you might end up eating from a chain or fast food restaurant too. The end of this post has links to vegan options for just about every place you might come across in your travels.


Equipment ideas:

Items for cooler:

Items that don’t need a cooler:

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